Extreme Dog Fence 14 Gauge Wire 1500 Ft – Heavy Duty Pet Containment Wire Compatible with Every In-Ground Fence System for Dogs – Pure Solid Copper Core Dog Containment System Wire

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Product Description

Heavy Duty Dog Fence Wire is Much Thicker and Longer Lasting than Factory Packaged Wire

eXtreme Dog Fence Brand 14 Gauge Dog Fence Wire is Designed to Perform for 20 Years or More Out in the Elements

You may opt to bury the thin 20 gauge wire that is packaged with most D.I.Y. dog fence systems, but you will just be facing having to dig it up and replace it when it degrades and fails prematurely. This situation is very common, and you should have the benefit of a better and long lasting option. eXtreme Dog Fence wire is just that. This is wire that you can set and forget. It will be the last dog fence wire you’ll need.

Wouldn’t you rather install a wire that will perform reliably for the lifespan of your dog, and then some? After all, when it comes to the safety and well being of such a valued family member, it only makes sense to invest in a wire that is designed to stand up to the cold, heat, moisture, and sun’s UV rays.

This wire allows you the option of burying it (as you would have to do with a 20 gauge/factory grade wire), or running it above ground (securing it down with landscape or garden staples, so that nobody trips over it or hits it with a lawnmower, etc.) Either way, it’s going to last and last and last.

eXtreme Dog Fence Wire is Solid Copper Core with a Thick Polyethylene Jacket

Polyethylene is FAR Superior to the PVC Jacket You Find on Other Wire

Most often, the factory packaged D.I.Y. electric dog fence systems come with a cheap, PVC coated 20 gauge wire. This not only keeps the initial costs of the systems low, but also makes it economical to ship. However, the problems begin after the PVC begins to break down prematurely, exposing the underlying copper and causing intermittent signal loss in your dog fence system. This leaves the customer with the task of trying to locate the degradation and fix or replace it.

Here are some of the differences between Polyethylene and PVC coatings:

Temperature Range – Polyethylene is -55 to +600 * PVC is -10 to +60 Weight – At 2500′, Polyethylene weighs 50 lbs * PVC weighs 70 Insulation Resistance (Meg-Ohms/1000′) – Polyethylene=50,000 * PVC=200 Also, PVC is ‘Good’, but Polyethylene is ‘Excellent’ when it comes to: Cold Bend, Moisture Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Cut-Through Resistance, Elongation Resistance

Electric Dog Fence System Wire Layouts Have Many Viable Configuration Options

There is a Perfect Electric Dog Fence Wire Layout for Everyone. Which One is for You?

Installing a D.I.Y. fencing system for your dog is relatively simple, but there are certain principles and laws of physics that can not be worked around. Remember this as you design your system and come up with the perfect layout for you and your dog.

Running Parallel To Cable Lines: You can run parallel to cable lines, but the fence wire should be at least 3-4 feet away from the existing cable line. Failure to leave sufficient space between the cables and your fence wire can lead to signal failure and may cause a dead zone in your perimeter.

Rounding Corners: You must round corners when laying out your dog fence wire. If you make sharp turns as you approach corners, the proximity of the two sides may cancel out the signal field in those areas. Two signal outputs coming in contact effectively cancel each other out – the same reason why twisted wire doesn’t produce a signal and your dog can safely pass.

Twisted Wire: You can use twisted wire to cancel your dog fence signal field from your transmitter to the perimeter of the fence or lake loops within the fence. Remember the twisted wire will need to be buried. Be sure to run your twisted wire from the shortest point possible. This will create the least amount of hand work and material usage.

Crossing Driveways & Structures: At some point in your installation you will have to cross a driveway or sidewalk. Don’t panic! This is extremely easy to do. You don’t necessarily have to bury the wire. Use a circular saw with masonry blade, use an existing expansion seam, or use a driveway traverse strip.

Range Adjustment: Wherever you install your dog fence cable, remember your dog will have to stay back from the cable. 1-5 ft. is the normal setting range depending on the breed, temperament of your dog, and the property geography. Remember this principle as you design your layout. Due to the signal range field smaller property spaces cannot effectively accommodate certain layouts, like the Double Loop.

Easy to Install Above Ground or Buried

eXtreme Dog Fence Brand Wire is the High Quality End of Dog Fence Wire and Will Perform Above or Beneath the Ground’s Surface

The biggest fear that customers have when it comes to D.I.Y. electric dog fence installations is running the boundary wire. However, the setup is very easy. People from all walks of life successfully setup their own systems, and if they choose to have someone do the work for them, -Any competent high-school student, or general maintenence or landscape person can run the wire with no complications.

There are several methods you can use to bury your wire (if burial is your preference):

Using a standard yard edger to cut a small trench that you can tuck your wire into and cover back up with dirt Using a trenching machine (will dig trench, lay wire, and cover back up with dirt as you go (can be rented from home building stores) Using a garden hoe or shovel to make your wire trench, lay your wire in, and use your foot to close groove
You can also run your wire above ground (if ease of installation is your preference): Layout your boundary wire and secure it down with a landscape/yard staple (1 every 5 feet in traffic areas, and 1 every 10 feet where there will not be traffic. This ensures that nobody trips over the wire, lawnmowers do not catch it, etc.) Attach your boundary wire to an existing physical fence -Either wooden (using staples to secure it) or metal (as long as the metal is galvanized, ie: chain link fence)

Compatible: Use Our Dog Fencing Wire with ANY Brand Fence, Including PetSafe, Perimeter Technologies, Invisible Fence, SportDOG, Dogtra, Pet Stop, High Tech Pet, DogWatch, Innotek, and ALL Others
Easy Installation: This Underground Dog Fence Wire Can be Buried 1-3″ Deep Using a Lawn Edger, Trencher, Garden Hoe, or Run it Above Ground and Secure it Down with Our Landscape Staples
American Made: Extreme Dog Fence Brand Dog Boundary Fence Wire is Proudly Manufactured in the USA. The Copper Core is Solid Copper Straight Through (Not Copper-Clad Aluminum). We Stand Behind it 100%
Additional Fence Parts: You Can Also Find Spools of Twisted Wire, Additional Dog Fence Collars, Batteries, Replacement Transmitters and Many Other Pet Related Products in Our Amazon Store